Christmas Vacation - 2013

This Christmas vacation Peace and I decided to take a few days of vacation away from Accra. We packed a few things and Peace, Kofia and headed off. We spent the first night in a hotel in Cape Coast that I knew from my travels working on the Ghana Education Decentralization project. On the next day we visited Kakum National Park in the morning.

Peace, pretending not to be scared on the hanging walkway in Kakum Park.

Next it was my turn.

In the afternoon we visited the slave memorial in Cape Coast.

Here is a view of the slave castle from the beach.

What a beautiful place to carry out such evil.

You can always count on Kofi having a hat!

Peace and me.

Next day we started the second leg of our journey to Axim in the Western Region. Peace’s niece Maggie called while we were on the road. What a coincidence! They were also taking a few days vacation in Cape Coast. We agreed to meet for lunch at Busua Beach Resort, just west of Takoradi.

While we were waiting Kofi had a ride on the jet boat.

Peace too!

After lunch we continued on to Axim. It was almost dark when we arrived. But our cozy accommodation cheered us up after the long and rough road. Next day we spent some time exploring the beautiful sandy beaches.

There were some interesting rocks along Axim beach.

Peace and her boy!

We spent New Years eve at the Axim Resort.

They put on a spectacular buffet. The try in the background holds one giant fish!

It was a very happy new year.