Peace and Ricky Honeymoon

After spending a few days at home to recover, Peace and I headed off to Elmina for a quick honeymoon break. We booked two nights at the Coconut Grove Beach Resort. It was a lovely spot: nice rooms and well-maintained grounds. But Peace was very annoyed that the coconuts growing on premises, far from being free for guests, in fact cost more than buying them in Accra.

The lovely honeymoon gift display from the hotel more than made up for the expensive coconuts!

We almost didn't want to disassemble the display on the bed.

Almost ...

Later in the afternoon we had a cold beer on our patio.

Here's looking at you, kid!

Next day we slept in and lazed about. Later in the day we went horseback riding.

Peace selects her steed.

We weren't very adventurous as we were lead about the hotel golf course.

Peace is getting more comfortable in the saddle.

I found the equestrian saddles even more awkward than western saddles.

The stable boy said that the horses we were riding had a habit of fighting, but they behaved themselves this time.

The waterfront at the resort was quite rocky and the surf was fairly strong. Definitely not a swimming beach.

So instead we enjoyed the pool-side.

A lovers' selfie.

Peace relaxes while I am in the pool.

Believe it or not, we had a surprise visit during our honeymoon from Peace's niece Maggie.

She was accompanied by her husband Edem, his brother Chris and family!

Maggie went wading in the surf.

Maggie and husband Edem reliving their own honeymoon.

The honeymoon couple and their visitors.

Maggie, Peace and Edem.

Peace still hasn't given up on getting a free coconut!