Peace's Fortieth Birthday Bash

Peace turned forty on March 28th, 2012. But because her birthday fell in Lent this year it was decided to postpone the celebration until after Easter. So it was that Peace’s fortieth birthday bash was held on April 14th.

Happy Birthday Love

This was my first experience with putting on such a party in Ghana and it was quite an event. We spent weeks collecting the food and drinks, organizing the “spinner” (the DJ), table and chair rentals, preparing invitations, contacting friends and relatives.

Peace preparing waakye in our kitchen.

We held the party in the compound of our accommodation in Madina near the Central Mosque in Libya Quarters. It was a tight squeeze, but it worked.

Peace's niece Ivy and Maggie's house girl help out with the pots.

The neighbourhood kids don't want to miss out.

STHEYA friends Yvonne, Rita and ??

STHEYA friends Nerissa, Barbara and Joanna

Neighbourhood ladies.

STHEYA friends ??, Gordon and Gavu

My good STHEYA buddy Fred MacBruce

Peace good friend Suzi directs one of the helpers.

Peace and her best girl friend Doris.

The birthday girl finally gets a chance to enjoy a drink.

Let's party!

Let's dance!

Let's eat!

The serving line.

Peace and her friend ??

Peace's old friend Fausina from Swedru helps in the serving line.

Let's see how fast I can shovel this food down my gullet.

Peace serves cousin Comfort and Comfort's husband Sammy

A big hug from Comfort

Comfort and her two daughters.

Comfort and Peace

Peace and Comfort's two girls

Boy, do I look tired.

My work buddy Jake, his girl friend Cynthia (L) and Peace's sister Veronica (R).

Cutting the cake. Ricky never misses an opportunity to play 'Happy Birthday' on his trombone.

More cake cutting: Atta, Joyce, Veronica, Peace, Ivy and Rita.

Atta and Fred get in on the act.

Peace and her honey.

I say a few words about the woman I love.

Finally a picture with Kofi in it. Maggie is holding her son Joshua, Calvin is as tall as his mother.