Peace's Father's First Anniversary

Roughly a year after the death of Peace’s father we organized an anniversary celebration in his home town of Anfoega in the Volta Region. Although Anfoega was her father’s town, Peace never knew the village or its people. She was raised by her mother in Wusuta, also in the Volta Region, and then by her elder sister Veronica in Accra. We stayed with Peace’s mother and brother in Wusuta. This was our chance to see first-hand progress on construction we have been sponsoring for a new house for Peace’s mother. Peace’s cousin Pastor Charles joined us and did the honours of blessing the new home.

Peace's mother, Grace, her brother Emannuel, and sister Veronica.

Sitting on the step of the new house.

A look out from the hall.

Peace with her brother Mensah's wife, her niece Ivy and neighbour. The ladies are in front of the old house.

A better view of the old house. In the foreground they are cooking on the fire.

Ivy is frying chicken.

Peace, the caterer has to inspect.

She seems satisfied.

You can take the girl out of the village but you can't take the village out of the girl.

Peace's younger sister Afie takes a break from pounding fufu while her sister-in-law and mom enjoy a joke.

Emannuel is dressed in white for the ceremony.

People are gathering in the yard as we get ready to leave. The new place looks quite nice.

We bought a sheep for the one year celebration. He seems to know this isn't going to end well.

Time to hit the road.

The anniversary mass at the Roman Catholic Church in Anfoega.

The choir did a great job.

Time for a chat after the mass.

Then we all walked to the cemetary to inspect the grave and headstone that had been prepared since the funeral a year ago.

Pastor Charles said a prayer and blessed the grave.

After the one year celebration in Anfoega we went back to Wusuta and after a short rest we set out on a walk to the Volta River.

There were some boats pulled up on shore and we grabbed a group shot on one of them.

Here is Peace with her nephew Desmond.

Peace and me.

Time to head home. The four ladies used more energy talking than walking.

It was almost dusk when we got home.