Harmattan is Here

I woke up one morning earlier this week to a pale, grey-blue haze. For now the seemingly endless days of bright blue skies have gone with the arrival of the Harmattan, a dry and dusty trade wind from the north. If you believe Wikipedia (and who doesn’t) the wind passes over the Sahara picking up ultra fine particles of dust on its way. Night temperatures drop, humidity gets nose-bleed inducingly low and even air traffic is affected.

The pictures I’ve taken don’t really do justice to just how cloaked Accra feels under this haze. But on the positive side, my morning trotro ride has for now been replaced by a relatively pleasant walk to work, an option not really possible just a week ago because of the sopping, sweaty mess I would be upon arrival.

The Harmattan-veiled sun peeking over a compound fence.