About Me

My name is Ricky Morrison. I like to design and build software. I play the trombone whenever I get a chance. The name of my blog, “A-roving!” satisfied the criteria that it be short, vague and not too corny. I canvased our table at the neighbourhood pub for better ideas to no avail, so there you have it. It’s not my natural inclination to hold forth on the minutiae of my day, but colleagues and friends will know that I have more than my share of “hot buttons” and a definite fondness for a righteous rant. Some of what you find here will be just that but occasionally thoughts on matters of importance to me and I hope others. At least I will try.

The banner image, from my home town Victoria, British Columbia, shows a view south across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. On this day in early October, the Olympic mountain range is shrouded in cloud.

About this site

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